Lord Worthington-Smythe/Captain Dandy (Oli Jacobs)

Heir to a vast fortune made by his ancestor, Admiral Horatio Worthington-Smtyhe, the Lord is a trillionnaire playboy and all round cad who spends his days shooting peasants... sorry pheasants and having sexy parties for charity.

But in a world that surrounds him with social debauchery, Lord Worthington-Smythe dons his finest gown and top hat, and masks up as the resplendent Captain Dandy. Fighter of the common fight, the Upper Class hero and all-round Preventer of Poverty, Captain Dandy is quick with a slap and a stern finger to the face of filth.

Fonsworth (Steve Garvey)

Loyal butler to the Worthington-Smythes and from a dynasty of butles, Fonsworth is always on hand to provide the Lord with a beverage, reading material or modern tech of notable interest. As well as this, he informs the Lord of when atrocities of the decorum kind occur. Wise, caring and bearded, Fonsworth has become a father figure to the Lord. Albeit poorer, and under his employ.