"Rose with a pasta dish? This sounds like a job for..."


That's right! Fear social faux pas no more, the Upper Class Hero, The Commander of Social Correctness, The Protector Of What Is RIGHT is here! Captain Dandy is here to take on the blights practiced upon God's Green Earth by beatniks who know no better.

By day he is Lord Worthington-Smythe, billionaire playboy and all round cad, sitting upon his wing-back chair and taking in the joys of the Daily Mail. Aided by his butler, Fonsworth, he suits up as the mighty Captain Dandy, taking on such evils as poorly chosen wine, lusty couples and irregular use of a suit jacket.

But that's just the tip of the filthy iceberg of frivolous behavior! So keep watching as Captain Dandy teaches us to be better than we are. As the Captain would say: "GOOD DAY!"